Professional, expert advice through tailor-made skin, body & beauty solutions.

Facesense offers a comprehensive range of beauty treatments and therapy,
using world-leading products that cater to all your needs.

Phy-mongShe started to deliver beauty made by therapist’s ‘Touch’. Their product ranges does not contain any artificial coloring and mineral oil. Phy-mongShe was created with various therapists’ experiences and it aims to provide healthy beauty to customers via specialised differentiated products. It is a sincere and genuine product we provide to our customers here at Facesense.
Sferangs products help to restore the vitality of the skin itself on the basis of thorough philosophy, technology and raw materials. Their products contain natural extracts that when introduced to the underlying human skin, prompts unprecedented rejuvenating effects that results in glowing and radiant looking skin.
With the new and revolutionary theory of histomeric cells, Histomer’s products permeate your face and body skin to share the plant unique feature of continuous regeneration without aging.
Académie is universally recognized for its treating method according to skin types and their problems. Each skin care product of the brand is the result of an uncompromising scientific research in terms of quality and know-how set up by our “beauty artisans”.
SOYO™ Skincare carries a range of Cosmeceutical treatment products that have been specially formulated for better skin. SOYO™ Skincare is a leading Cosmeceutical brand for results.
Sensual focuses on combining contemporary beauty technologies & the clever use of biochemical techniques to delay skin aging. Sensual will never give up on retaining youthful skin by exploring the unknown and Sensual vows to bring back youthfulness and a translucent skin.