The treatment is completely painless, and the only thing you feel is a warm sensation as the device works its way around your face that gradually raises the heat of the skin to the temperature that is optimal for cellular rejuvenation. It provides general skin rejuvenation for pigmentation, pores reduction, even pimples.

It can be performed every 2 weeks and is recommended for clients with minor skin problems who just need that little reboot once every few weeks to keep the skin in the best condition.

RF (Radiofrequency) facial treatment is based on RF energy technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin. This is an ideal treatment for customers who want to delay the ageing process without surgery.

Promote skin repair, hydrating, firming & whitening.
The Snail Story – Snail mucus’ benefit was found through the Snail keeper‘s hand from food representative company of escargot in France. In particular, the hand of keepers were very soft and had not aged. Scars had been regenerated with application of the snail mucus through the actual breeding snails.

Declaration of No Trouble – Whitening Satisfaction 80% in 4 weeks
SFERANGS – advanced medical grade skincare – Based on natural ingredients from Amazon Rainforest and innovative technologies that rejuvenate the skin. This will lead to a remarkable result in brightening, hyper pigmentation control and skin tone correction. Thus restores a youthful vitality appearance.

Intensive soothing and moisturizing for sensitive and dry skin
Through the use of rich plant ingredients which provide super soothing and hydrating qualities, it rebalances dry-prone skin for optimum comfort and radiance, and cultivates dehydrated and tired skin into moist and pliant skin.

Program Character

  • Bright skin tones, Self Lipo Filler (stimulates Collagen and Good complexion).
  • No burning, no redness, no irritation, no peel out.
  1. AHA and salicylic acid have an astonishing effect on natural face peels. This program can be applied to all skin types, and even sensitive skin.
  2. Salicylic acid removes dull, old dead cells and waste in the skin and Self Lipo-filler (#N0 3) keeps the skin firm by getting rid of lines and wrinkles and filling in deflated areas in the face. A customer can enjoy benefits similar to those of filler and a tenser effect.
  3. It is safe and non-irritating.
  4. Accompanied with a gentle massage to promote blood circulation, leading to a good complexion (except acne skin).
  5. It is a convenient one-day program in which peeling and cell regeneration will be dealt with at once.
  6. There are several programs available, each of which is specific to either combating aging skin, lightening hyper-pigmentation, and clearing acne. Depending on individual skin condition, the therapist will combine with other programs after peel.
  7. Frequency of the treatment recommended: once a week or twice a month.
  1. Creative eyebrow embroidery
  2. Semi-permanent eye liner
  3. Semi-permanent lips tattoo


Skin analysis is our first step to understand you. We will recommend the best course of treatment in consideration of your skin’s overall appearance, skin type and condition.


Cleansing your face to remove the build up of dirt, oil and other unwanted debris. It will also boost hydration in our later processes.


A quality exfoliating facial scrub in a gentle circular motion will help to remove dead skin and increase the cell turnover rate. This will allow better blood flow to a glowing skin.


Steaming will warm up the surface of your skin and soften debris inside the pores for easier removal. It will also aid in better absorption of our soothing products in the later stages.


We take great delicate care during this step, focusing more on the problem areas such as the T-zone, nose, chin, followed by specific spots on your face as we go along.


We will reduce irritation and redness on your face by applying a soothing toner, mask, and moisturiser to complete the process.